My wife has gone to hell and back looking for an eye cream.

I swear, she’s used every product out there on the planet.  It’s getting old.  Why can’t she just find one that WORKS?

She consulted a website the specializes in rating the top eye creams.

She finally came away with some good information.  Yeah!  Here is what she found out.  Today is her day….she’s guest posting on my site!  Take it away, Babe!

Finding The Best Eye Creams

The eyes are probably the first feature anybody notices and also the first ones that show aging signs. To prevent that from happening you need to use certain eye creams that work best on your skin.

elite eye serum

This was the eye cream that I decided to use.

The skin under our eyes starts to thin when we age which can lead to congestion in the veins that causes dark circles around the eyes. So there are some basic ingredients that you should be looking for when you go out to hunt the best eye cream for yourself.

Creams that contain Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides are known as the plumping ingredients. They draw water into the skin and smooth out those fine lines and dark shadows under your eyes. Antioxidants like Vitamin C and E combat sun damaged skin and help in brightening the dark circles. Retinol repairs the skin by producing more collagen. If you have a sensitive skin that can develop irritation then you should consider products that rely more on peptides to repair the damaged skin.

If you have dark circles under the eyes that are either the result of allergies or caused by lack of sleep then the best eye cream that you should choose is the one that contains caffeine as an active ingredient. When you apply this cream it will constrict the blood vessels under your eyes which will ultimately reduce them. Besides that you should look for a brightening agent in the cream as this help in reducing the dark circles cosmetically.

The skin around my eyes is very sensitive so I nearly went half mad searching for the best creams. I found that certain reviews online were pretty misleading so I decided to consult a dermatologist who would suggest the best cream for me. Basing his recommendations I opted for the Elite Eye Serum by SkinPro.

When I started using it I felt a marked improvement in the appearance of the skin around my eyes and I was surprised to notice that the dark circles had reduced considerably and they didn’t even look puffy anymore. I was really satisfies to see such improved results and honestly I don’t think there is any other cream which would suit me perfectly.

It’s been almost a year since I started using it and it has helped me enormously in maintaining my youthful appearance. This is something I can never let go. It is actually one of the best products I have ever used.

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Meridian Treatment Solutions is a top notch in every respect.  Having a family member there, I can speak from personal experience.  Addiction is a VERY serious topic, and I suggest you don’t take it lightly.

Today, I would like to give my feedback on this awesome facility located in South Florida.

I formed really strong bonds with all other patients and with the staff as well. The food is incredible and they have very comfortable and luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms.

They have an excellent family program and what I liked most about them was that they don’t force the 12 steps program down your throat. I would highly recommend this facility.

Family Therapy:

Relationships with our spouses, family and loved ones are quite fulfilling but they can be challenging at times especially when you are facing an addiction to drugs and alcohol and are unable to overcome it.

Coping With Addiction

Don’t let your loved ones continue with an addiction – get them help right away.

This therapy session lets you discover the source of addiction that is deep down in you and you are unable to recognize and fight it. During the entire stay at Meridian Treatment Solutions the client and the counselor continuously collaborate with the client’s family.

The counselor helps the clients identify all the negative beliefs they have regarding themselves that has inflamed their dependency on drugs and alcohol. This addiction does not only affect the client but totally disrupts the personal and professional life of the person. It has an equally negative impact on the family too.

During these sessions they learn how to get rid of this dependency on drugs and alcohol. A good family therapy involves communicating with the entire family even if the problem belongs to one person of the family alone. Family therapy teaches teamwork and the concept that the family should function as a whole. When a person is battling against addiction their family can help them find ways to overcome this addiction with the help of family therapy.

Therapists working with the families conduct very active sessions and give assignments to the family members to complete that help them understand what is actually going on and the role they play within their family. If need be changes in the approach can be discussed and altered accordingly to make sure all the voices are heard whether it be the client himself or their family.

Although many people choose family therapy when all other treatments fail but they can also benefit from it in the early stages of patients treatment. Therapy can prevent problems from getting worse if a situation like that develops.

Meridian Treatment Solutions has a variety of very unique treatments, comfortable, caring and powerful. The level of treatment this place offers is of the highest quality.

If you have any problem with addiction, I highly recommend you check out the top drug rehab center in Florida – Meridian.

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